The Organisation Workshop

What is the Organisation Workshop (OW)?

NO Sugar please

The Organisation Workshop is a brand new (to the UK) way for unemployed people to work together to create sustainable jobs in new start up social enterprises within a wider community and democracy building project.

The OW puts large groups of people together in a 'learning by doing' pressure cooker environment where they deliver real contracts in whichever area of business they are learning. As the weeks go by the learners grow the organisational, vocational and business skills they need to start up and sustain new businesses after the OW ends.

This 'learning by doing' process is like a big group version of 'The Apprentice' TV show in some ways – except that in the OW everyone works together as one team to deliver work based contracts to make the community richer instead of two teams battling against each other to deliver contracts to make Alan Sugar or anyone else even richer.

Although the Marsh Farm OW will be the first ever to take place in the UK it has worked for people living in dozens of countries over the last 40 years and is known for giving opportunity to people who most need it. It all starts in March 2015 when unemployed locals can take a once in a lifetime opportunity to create our own jobs by providing services in Marsh Farm, throughout Luton and beyond.