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The Marsh Farm OW…”Where There’s a Will, There’s Always a WAY” (Bob Marley)

After years of battling, visioning, researching, surveying, mapping, business planning, hoping, aspiring, campaigning and with plenty of unfair knockbacks, the UK pilot of the Marsh Farm Organisation Workshop is now coming nicely back into our sights again.

When the opportunity was stolen from MFO and Marsh farm's unemployed people in 2010/11 many people thought that was the end of the road. But by reworking our own strategy for sustaining MFO, pulling together enough 'means of production' (i.e. the tools, land, materials and resources needed to kick start several new social businesses) ourselves, making meaningful use of the support provided for unemployed people by the dole, and last but definitely not least rekindling our partnership with the high quality people who have supported our struggle to pillot the OW to date, we could now be just months away from our goal of hosting the UK's first ever Organisation Workshop in Marsh Farm

The Marsh Farm OW could give as many as 80 (maybe more) unemployed people the chance to come together in a supported but autonomous learning environment to co-create their own jobs or community projects within a co–operative business. By autonomous we mean in the same way as when someone takes driving lessons, even though there is a driving instructor with them it is the learner who actually does the driving and the feel of the car which 'teaches' them

More soon

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