About Marsh Farm Outreach

Marsh Farm Outreach (MFO) are a grassroots community group made up of volunteers living on the Marsh Farm Estate in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Marsh Farm is a top place to live, but we also want it to be a great place to work for loads of people living here, as well as a model for use by people living in other 'deprived communities' everywhere.

We are long term residents of the Marsh Farm estate in Luton and members of Marsh Farm Outreach CIC (Community Interest Company)

Marsh Farm Outreach is a grassroots community co-operative who:

Build, promote (and have to fight for!) economic development and regeneration practices which are of genuine benefit to the people living in the community being developed/regenerated.

Develop community businesses and other not for private profit enterprises to improve the local economy, reduce unemployment in our estate and reduce 'dependence' on corporate 'service providers'.

Design innovative and relevant community engagement techniques to ensure the voices of 'normal people' are heard and acted upon rather than ignored, marginalised or paid lip service to.

Organise community festivals, music and arts events, discussions, campaigns